About Us

We are a small Locksmith Shop located in Coburg offering the “old fashioned Locksmith service” to all our customers. We aim to satisfy our customer locksmith requests with the attitude to listen to their needs in respect to what they request done, will be adhered to our best ability and with minimal delay time. Our workmanship is always done with pride and the confidence that if the work or product supplied is defective or not as requested it will be either repaired or replaced at no further expense to the customer as seen fit.

We have been involved in the Engineering Design and Fabrication field since 1988.

Since 2000 we have been involved in the Locksmith field both fitting and re-pinning / keying locks to customer requests. After studying a Locksmith course via correspondence further Official Recognised Qualifications were needed, hence successfully completed a Diploma of Engineering (Security) Technology in 2010.

Have been working in the Insurance claims department for over 10 years both repair and assessing.

Both Victorian and Federal Police checks as well as working with Children checks have been carried out with successful clearance in both. This is very reassuring for the customer that when they come into the shop or have work done by us they can rest assured that they are “in safe hands”

Other associated training and qualifications involve Mechanical Engineering Design, Engineering Security, Certified Practicing Locksmith, Drafting, Welding / Fabrication, Electrical, Mechanical, Small Business Training, Red Card Training, Test and Tagging.