The services provided by KEYWORKS LOCKSMITHS Coburg range from general locksmith work to high security master key locksmith work.


At KEYWORKS LOCKSMITHS Coburg we are able to provide the following services:

  • Duplicate keys / copy keys (home, lever, mortice and automotive)
  • Accurately Cut keys to code via a computerized key machine
  • Cut Restricted Locksmith Master Keys to Code
  • Produce a Master key System upon the clients specifications or by codes supplied
  • Re-pin  existing locks to either the same key code or to a new code hence saving the client money
  • Re-furbish old locks with new internals if the client’s budget is “limited”
  • If you can, “bring in your old lock for repairs and save money on unnecessary costs”
  • Some spare lock parts in stock
  • Supply new locks, padlocks, hardware and accessories
  • Fit locks and associated hardware
  • If the item is not in stock it can be ordered upon request of the client
  • Open locks where the client has lost their keys either for their home or possessions (ID Required)
  • Investigate instances of “forced entry and report for insurance cover”
  • Dog and Cat ID Badges with owners details made in shop upon request by client
  • We cater for the small individual to Body Corporates, Schools, Offices, Real Estate Agents, Builders, Handymen / Handywomen, Religious Groups, Shops, etc…  Any one




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